The first investment made 100% easy ICO.

Invest as a Service purpose is to provide you with an open and easy way to invest. You can see it as an investment association where you can put some funds for a few months or for a few years and withdraw them lately with your capital gains.

Invest as a Service will be based on Ardor blockchain for secure operation and open governance.

Our Vision

Today’s investing is not easy. Either you go to a financial advisor and ask him to manage all or part of your assets. Either you are left alone to do your own stock picking and your mistakes. We like neither of these situations.

We met with a lot of financial advisors and saw many flaws in this option, usually because FA interests are not aligned with your own interests. FA incomes are usually not related with your own incomes, they are paid for their advices but not for they results or not on the long term. They don’t have incentives to advices you good products with low fees, usually because they are paid partly with the products fees. Whenever you capital collapse they will, for example, excuse that they didn’t manage worse than every other FA. Because we are also investing with you our own money you have the guarantee that our own interests will always been aligned with yours. To ensure to align our interests with our members interest, Invest as a Service board members will invest their own money in the same way and using the same tools. We will be regular users as you are and we will have the same user experience and benefits as you.

Here at Invest as a Service we believe that smart investment should not be a headache and should be easy for everybody. We will share with our members the results of our researches. We have been looking to the best investment products in several countries and have selected a few.

We provide you an easy way to make smart investments that will work in many situations. Will you be investing your savings on a regular basis for the future with the goal to increase your net worth or will you be a retired person who needs to invest your savings and get regular dividends for your everyday life.

Our Solution

We propose people to become members of our association and we will operate management of the pooled assets of the association. By investing together we will be able to achieve a better diversification of the pooled portfolio. For example, if you invest 1.000€ alone into a real estate development. If the development succeeds you will be able to get a 10% return on your investment, but if the company collapses you will probably lose all your investment. All together we will be able to invest in 10 real estate developments. If they succeed we will get a 10% return on our investment, if one of them collapse we will earn a 0% return but won’t lose our investment.

To become a member of our investment association you just have to buy some IaaS token. You can see an IaaS token as a share of the association. The token value will follow the association funds value evolution. You will be eligible to receive dividends according to the part of IaaS token that you own. You will be able to take part of the governance of the association be voting at the investment committee using your tokens. Yes, the governance is open to you. Invest as a Service board will propose you some changes or new opportunities for investments and you will be able to take part of the decision. Iaas is made for you, Iaas is made with you.

Whenever you want, or need, to get back your money you can sell your IaaS token. Invest as a Service will always keep some cash available to allow its members to sell their token or to buy – invest in – some more tokens.

Why a blockchain?

Our aim is to provide smooth running financial services to our members. We are not an IT company, we are not in the blockchain industry but we believe that the use of a blockchain can help to build our services.

This will allow us to concentrate of portfolio design and surveillance and to build the best user experience for our members.

We chose the Ardor blockchain to run our services because it’s fast, reliable and offers almost all the services we need out of the box.

Therefore we will use the Ardor blockchain for the following services:

  • IaaS token sales. You will be able to buy newly emitted token whenever you want to invest,
  • IaaS token exchange. You will be able to sell your token on the exchange whenever you need some money back. If no token are available on the exchange, Invest as a Service will assure liquidity and buyback your tokens.
  • IaaS membership. Every token represents membership in the association. The number of token you owns will represent the parts of share you have in our association.
  • Governance. Using the blockchain you will be able to be part of major decisions. The weight of your vote will be related to the number of token you owns.
  • Traceability. The blockchain will ensure traceability of operations.

Key points

Open Governance. IAAS solutions are made for you, made with you. You will be involved in any strong decision about your portfolio or services

Aligned objectives. We will invest our own money with you, as you do, in our proposed solutions. Our objectives will be aligned. There won’t be any reserved token for the management team, no free money for us.

Transparency. We are transparent. You will have access to our annual reports. We will be happy to answer any question about your investments.

Safety. Your money will be really invested in a pooled portfolio. Therefore at any moment you can withdraw and get back your money. We will always provide you with the proof of evidence of existence of your/our assets.


2017-Q3. Proof of concept. We already ran a proof of concept involving a few selected users. During this phase we have been able to choose the proper blockchain that will support our operation.

2017-Q4. Alpha phase. Early birds will be able to join the alpha phase during the IaaS token sale. During this phase we will be able to refine our different use cases with our volunteers. All operations will be carefully supervised to ensure that they work properly.

2018-Q1. Open beta. We will extend our users base and run all our services. A tool will be provided to users to allow to initiate all operations on the blockchain. User manual will be available to help users with use of the Ardor wallet.

2018-Q2. User dashboard. We will provide our users with an enhanced dashboard and online management tools which will make it possible to follow investment return and to initiate various operations.

2018-Q3. Run. Services will be entirely open for public access. We will work to enhance operations and provide our members with a debit card to make it easy to make expenses.

Our portfolio

When building a portfolio we are particularly focusing on capital preservation. Our portfolios are trying to achieve a good balance between risk and returns on the middle term, although we cannot guarantee that your capital will be preserved in every markets situations we will manage it in a conservative way.


For the alpha phase, our portfolio will be built like this:

Asset ANR Allocation
Short term loans 11% 25%
Real estate closed end funds 9% 25%
International stocks 7% 30%
High yield corporate bonds 5% 15%
Cash 0% 5%

Overall expected return from portfolio: 7.9%

How to contribute

Frequently asked questions

Is all that for free?

We will do our best to make any fees as low as possible and consider this when we are choosing our investments. We all know that the lower the fees are, the higher is the return. Some fees that we identified are:

  • A small fee is taken by the blockchain for its own operation. Today a simple transaction costs 1 NXT (= $0.09 as of 12/09/2017),
  • Invest as a Service will take a monthly fee of 0,1% of the total managed assets for operating costs. No fees will be charged during alpha phase.